It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

About us

Toccoa Life, Inc. was started in 1985. The Habersham Life branch was opened in 1992. We exist to be a place of help, hope, and healing to the women and families in our community.

All of our services are free and confidential. Our centers provide pregnancy tests, one-on-one options counseling, ultrasounds, education, material assistance, and most of all love and acceptance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

They are recommended to ensure you have a quick visit, but they are not required.

Do you accept donations?

Yes! We accept donations that are in new or very gently used condition. We accept diapers, wipes, boy and girl clothing up to size 5, adult and maternity clothing, and any large baby items. We do not accept used car seats or stained clothes.

Are gifts/donations made to Toccoa Life tax deductible?

Yes, Toccoa Life, Inc. is a 501©3 organization and all gifts/donations are tax deductible.

Are you affiliated with any particular denomination?

No, Toccoa Life, Inc. is a non-denominational, para-church ministry. Therefore, we work alongside all churches to promote healthy and abundant life to all who come.

Our Gallery

See what people are saying:

Toccoa Life helped me make it through my pregnancy. They walked with me every step of the way.

Local Toccoa Mother

I remember when Toccoa Life helped me when I was 19 and pregnant with my 1st child. It was right after they had just opened. I was scared! They consoled me and assured me I would be ok. They gave me a FREE pregnancy test and talked to me about having the baby. They told me they would be there for me if I needed them. After my son was born, they let me come and get clothes for him. He's now almost 35 and I still remember how kind they were to me. I pray they continue to encourage pregnant women and let them know they are there for them. Blessings!!!

Tracy Dorsey

Toccoa Life means to me a new life journey. Its guidance, structure and mentoring for parenting especially for those that are lost and down. Those who have doubts about making the right decisions. As for me I can say Toccoa Life will see you through it all and I’m truly loved and blessed by Toccoa Life. I don’t know what I would have done without you all.. Thank you Family!

Jupiter Young

When we found out we were pregnant, my wife, LaShay, and I came to Toccoa Life seeking guidance. We knew parenthood would be a challenge, and we wanted to get help in navigating the unclear path that lay ahead for us. Toccoa Life has provided us with not only an abundance of parenting wisdom and practical resources (diapers, wipes, baby mattress, etc.), but also with a listening ear - someone to talk to and ask all the questions we can think of!

William, Amanda, the staff, the sponsors, and the donors of Toccoa Life have been such a blessing to us and a definite answer to our prayers! Thank you!!!

Jonathan Russell

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Your testimony is powerful!

We are so thankful for Toccoa Life and their willingness to help in the community so much! Having a mindset to help those in this area is so important and something we feel we have in common with Toccoa Life. We always look forward to visiting with the wonderful people there and are so excited to begin this new year in partnering with them!


(Lavonia, GA)

I chose to donate to and support Toccoa Life because of the great work that they do to educate and encourage those that are faced with unexpected pregnancies. Toccoa Life helps moms understand the value of life and seeks to give those moms tools and resources that will help them be successful in raising their child. Through their classes, interviews, resources, and support, Toccoa Life is making a difference in the community and in the lives of those they serve.

Wade Lott

Into the Deep Outdoors

The Pointe Church is honored to partner with Toccoa Life Pregnancy Resource Center. This ministry is the hands and feet of Jesus to young mothers and couples who are in crisis, and they are literally saving the lives of children that have yet to be born. We believe this is so dear to the heart of God. We are proud to be a small part of what God is doing through Toccoa Life and its team.

Pastor Chad Smith

The Pointe Church

As Ambassador to Toccoa Life for my church (New Hope Baptist of Toccoa), I have been able to work with our Women's ministries, church members, and church staff to volunteer and donate in many different ways! Yearly "baby showers"; monthly donations (where we pick specific items to collect church wide each month, which is an ongoing ministry); Baby Bottle Boomerangs; and individual Sunday School collections are all ways that we continually try to be a part of the amazing ministry that is Toccoa Life. Any church can have an ambassador, someone who is the contact person who works to bridge the gap between Toccoa Life and their church family. Being Ambassador is one small way that I can show that I am not only Pro Life, but pro BUILDING lives in my community!

Amy Roberts

New Hope Baptist Church

Ebenezer knows that every child and every mother matter to God! Most women in a crisis pregnancy who are given a glimpse of the life within them choose life and realize the powerful reality of Psalm 139.13-14. By partnering with Toccoa Life Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center, we are part of sharing hope for both mom and child.

Pastor Andy Childs

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Toccoa Life is dedicated to investing in anyone who comes into contact with this organization. From clients to volunteers, each person is deeply loved and greeted with compassion and care. By providing valuable information through customized lessons, Toccoa Life not only helps meet physical needs, but also equips their clients with life and parenting skills. Men, women, friends, and family are encouraged to be involved, which promotes and builds support and community. Their dedication to the mission is evident in every decision made and every dollar spent. Amanda and William Brothers are incredibly selfless and treat everyone who walks in the door like family while managing to maintain a professional environment.

Esther Edwards

A Huge "Thank You" to William and Amanda Brothers, and the staff of Toccoa Life PRC!

I've known William and Amanda for several years now, and because of their love and ministry, I have had the priveledge of being personally involved in a few of their Ministry projects. It's been an amazing journey for the Life Center, and I've watched them grow from the most meager of supplies and facilities, to where they now are able to help hundreds of women and children each year. I've seen Dads getting involved in the lives of their families, which is sorely needed.

It is with great pleasure, and honor, that Kingdom Men of Toccoa endorses and highly recommends The Toccoa Life PRC to any and all who reach out to them. The things they offer to help families grow have surpassed what was expected.

John Wheeler

Executive Director, Kingdom Men of Toccoa

We are honored to support Toccoa Life and their daily mission of being the hands and feet of Jesus. William and Amanda’s mission is clear and the hard work is evident. It is always a blessing to hear the stories of lives touched by hygiene products that most take for granted. We look forward to seeing mothers and babies blessed with this ministry!

Heath Dotson

Pro-Line Supply, Inc.

On behalf of the Ed Murdock Superstores family, we are proud to help Toccoa Life and what they do for our community. It is organizations like Toccoa Life that truly make a meaningful impact in people’s lives. We are proud to be apart of it!

Ed Murdock Superstores

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Coaching Clients

We are here for you.

In times of crisis and confusion, we give guidance and information about an alternative that mothers can live with…showing them that the situation is far from hopeless and they can find love and acceptance through the love of God.

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